noun. /ˈoʊvərˌwatʃ/

A tactic wherein a smaller unit provides security for the main force.

Modern IT providers need an extra set of eyes on security.

It’s called force protection — the doctrine of defending key elements, the supply chain, and sensitive information from hostile action. In the world of cybersecurity, that means preventing your IT business from becoming a threat vector.

This is precisely what MSP Overwatch™ offers MSPs and MSSPs.

We give you a greater level of security, more layers of protection for your clients, reduced risk, and demonstrable value that helps you win and retain high-value contracts.

Our team knows the challenges MSPs face because we’ve operated them ourselves.

We help your MSP identify and close security holes, minimize your risk, and capture more market share.

Become a TISC-Certified provider and show your clients and prospects that you’re serious about security.

TRIAD is 100% focused on providing military-grade force protection to IT Service Providers.

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