Trick or Treat! 5 Tips for Winning Cybersecurity Deals

By now, every MSP knows that cyber is the hot item and likely will be for a long time to come. MSPs are being told to push cybersecurity, but many are still struggling to get any traction. That’s because there is a right way to sell cyber, and many MSPs still haven’t figured it out.

If you’re one of the ones who is still grasping for the answers, don’t worry! We’re about to let you in on the five secret steps that turn a blah-blah, generic MSP into a true cybersecurity powerhouse:

1. Be the expert.

People come to you because you’re the expert in IT. That being said, why would you ever give someone a choice as to whether or not they should secure their business?

This is one of the big problems with tiered service levels or “ala carte” IT services; it leaves too many decisions up to the client. (Who, by the very nature of the relationship, should not be making IT decisions.)

Successful MSPs are already taking “choice” out of the equation. Bundling is the new standard, and as long as you’re able to communicate value effectively, you can do it, too.

2. Don’t waver on cybersecurity.

Many MSPs compromise on cybersecurity just to get a contract. This kind of cyber price shopping is precisely why so many MSPs and their clients are getting breached, held hostage, and shut down.

We’re past the point where it’s smart to exclude important cybersecurity solutions just to get your price lower. At this point, it’s borderline unethical to do business this way.

If you want to be seen as a cybersecurity expert and you genuinely want to contribute to a more secure America, don’t cut corners on security.

3. Create something special for your audience.

The MSP marketing experts at Your Sales Energy are very big on branding, and they say the quickest and most surefire way to give your brand a practical advantage is to offer something that no one else can. This usually means creating a product, process, or specialized service that’s laser-targeted to a specific type of consumer.

Many MSP Overwatch™ certified partners are seeing huge improvements in cyber sales after going this route. One trick is to create cybersecurity evaluations or solution stacks that are perfectly tailored to a vertical and then market that offering to them directly. (MSP Overwatch™ helps you do this.)

This allows you to cut through all of the “marketing noise” out there and really the capture attention of your ideal client.

4. Don’t neglect your own house.

Many IT providers claim to be cybersecurity experts while simultaneously leaving huge security gaps in their own business. (No, really. There are a LOT of MSPs and MSSPs doing this.)

We’re talking about the sorts of gaps that are exploited by hackers to gain access to all of your clients. If you want to be a legitimate cybersecurity provider, make sure you’re not the weakest link the chain.

5. Have proof of your cyber-competence.

It can be hard to prove something like a commitment to cybersecurity to your prospects and clients because it’s largely conceptual rather than tangible.

But the truth is that the MSP who can prove their own level of security and the effectiveness of the security they in turn provide has an immense advantage in the market. Proof takes you from the level of “trying to build trust” to actually throwing down hard evidence that you know what you’re doing.

That’s why we created MSP Overwatch™. Not only to help IT companies secure their own businesses, but to help them prove to their clients and prospects that they really are better than their competitors. We do this through rigorous third-party evaluation and a comprehensive certification process.

And our partners are finding the advantage is huge when competing against other MSPs who are basically asking their prospects to take their word for it.

There you have it! The MSP Overwatch™ team and our marketing partners at Your Sales Energy spend a lot of time studying the cyber market. We watch the trends and we see what’s working and what isn’t.

What we’ve shared above are the key elements of successful cyber sales in the current market. We hope that you found this information helpful.

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