MSP Overwatch vs. ConnectWise Identify: What are the Differences?

With the highly-successful launch of MSP Overwatch™ over the past month, we’ve been getting tons of feedback from our new partners. (Thanks, everyone!)

We’ve also been fielding a lot of good questions from curious MSPs and prospects. Many of them involve product comparison: Which solution is better? How is MSP Overwatch different? And so on.

To answer these questions, we first have to make sure we’re comparing apples to apples. In many cases, we’ve been asked to compare MSP Overwatch to products that don’t serve the same function at all.

(Remember, there really isn’t anything on the market that does what MSP Overwatch does, and there is no other third-party cybersecurity certification like TISC-2020 even available to MSPs.)

So on that note, I want to address a recent question: What are the differences between ConnectWise Identify and MSP Overwatch?

Here are the most important distinctions:

  •  MSP Overwatch is focused on the MSP and security of their business, which has a positive effect on the MSPs clients. It is primarily a solution for internal use. (We are working on a resale model where you can sell/manage your client’s security program with our tool as well.)
  • Identify is built purely on the NIST CSF and, while it does provide a framework to follow, it is not tailored to our industry. When we created the TISC-2020 framework, we broke down the CSF, 800-53, and 800-171 and customized it heavily to suit the MSP’s business model.
  • We offer one-on-one assistance with designing, implementing, and documenting a security program that meets TISC requirements.  We won’t leave you “figuring it out” on your own, either for yourself or your client.
  • Lastly, we audit and certify your program.  Our advisory board of MSP and InfoSec experts will analyze all of your evidence to ensure you meet/exceed security standards. If so, you will be able to communicate your certification and what it means to your clients, potential clients, vendors, etc. We even provide promotional materials that allow you to fully leverage this advantage in your sales and marketing process.

I’m sure ConnectWise’s product is excellent, but it’s not exactly a one-to-one comparison against MSP Overwatch. There is nothing generic about the framework that serves as the foundation for our program, and it was built to be very specific to the IT channel.

We put in the work so that any MSP or vendor who earns their TISC-2020 certification can be well assured that their information security posture is in the top 1% of similar businesses throughout the country — and they can prove it.

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