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Building Trust Through Cybersecurity

We’ve been seeing two interesting MSP marketing trends floating to the surface in the past couple of weeks:

  1. One popular marketing guru has been proliferating the idea that your actual cybersecurity capabilities are not as important as your ability to sell cybersecurity. That the ends — getting the client — justify the means, which in this case the means is actually misrepresenting your MSP or overstating your cybersecurity capabilities.
  2. Another marketer in the channel is actually recommending that MSPs offer a “no-breach guarantee” to get leads. And the way they’re explaining this is that the MSP should make the requirements for this guarantee so convoluted and strict that even if a client IS breached, there’s no way they can claim the guarantee.

Both of these are examples of dishonest marketing (one is definitely worse than the other, however).

Neither of these ideas actually builds trust. And both of these ideas are contributing to a huge problem in the Channel right now, which is MSPs dropping the ball when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients.

What is that leading to? You’ve seen it. Legislation.

We’re kind of at a point where every MSP has to make a decision: Do we want to look like a trustworthy cybersecurity company, or do we want to be a trustworthy cybersecurity company? Because these are two different paths in a lot of ways, and from where I’m sitting it looks like one of these paths is not going to be around for very long.

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