"You can’t know or anticipate all the threats that are out there. MSP Overwatch was the exact partner we needed to help us protect our business, our clients, and most importantly, our reputation.”

Created by MSP Veterans and IT security experts who know exactly what you've been searching for.

We are 100% committed to providing information security program design and implementation assistance to MSPs. We are vendor-agnostic to ensure that we always have the best interests of you and your MSP in mind.


Everything you need to secure your MSP, add additional security layers for your clients, and give you competitive advantage to sell more cyber security services.

Managed service providers are facing greater challenges than ever before. We created MSP Overwatch™ to help you overcome them.

Not only are clients becoming more aware of rising cyberthreats — they’re becoming harder to secure. More and more MSPs are falling apart after losing clients to breaches, and many providers are struggling to provide legitimate protection while still being profitable.

Smart MSPs Are Getting Ahead of the Curve

"As owner and CIO of Heiden Technology Solutions, my greatest fear is someone breaching our security and gaining access to my customer’s information through my business. I looked for ways to ensure that we were “practicing what we preached to our customers”. MSP Overwatch™ provided me with the piece of mind to know that we have the appropriate security controls as well as policies and procedures in place to ensure that we are taking the appropriate measures. In addition, it gave reassurance that we knew what to do in the event we were to have a breach. MSP Overwatch™ gave us the guidance and oversight of our controls to know that we were taking all the appropriate measures. I don’t care how good you think you are -- you can’t know or anticipate all the threats that are out there. MSP Overwatch™ is the exact partner we needed to help us protect us, our clients, and more importantly, our reputation.”
Carl Heiden
CEO, Heiden Technology Solutions

Put Jason on your team.

Cyber Security Expert and MSP owner Jason Rorie knows what it takes to protect an IT provider and their clients. 

“It’s dangerous when MSPs claim to be cybersecurity experts but fail to follow through. Their clients often end up paying the price. Legislators are aware of this and we can be certain that regulations are coming. TRIAD created MSP Overwatch™ to give providers the opportunity to get ahead of those regulations.

It’s time to show clients that we’re policing ourselves and taking real responsibility for their security. That’s the kind of value that gives you a competitive edge.”


Military-grade information security controls developed exclusively for MSPs.

TRIAD InfoSec is owned and operated by military veterans, and our operation is 100% US-based to ensure supply chain integrity.

We’ve developed our MSP Overwatch™ service to rigorous military and federal regulatory standards.

Our MSP partners demand the best — and we deliver.

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