cybersecurity certification for msp

The world needs cybersecurity heroes.

msp overwatch cyber sec
cybersecurity certification for msp

The world needs cybersecurity heroes.

join the fight.


Use your MSP OVerwatch™ Runbook of Evidence to claim your spot at the top of the cyber food chain.


Become the security-focused MSP everyone is looking for. Leverage your authority and cyber prowess in your sales and marketing.


Defend your own business to better defend your clients. Use the MSP Overwatch™ platform to audit and test your security posture.

join the fight.

become the cyber-focused msp everyone is searching for.

compliance. regulations. risk.

The IT channel is reacting to the changing market like it’s the end of the world. Yeah, it’s getting rough — but that doesn’t mean you have to fear the worst.

This isn't the end.
This is a call to action.

End users need heroes willing to step up their cybersecurity game and save them from the rising tide of cyberthreats.
cybersec audit

It only takes 30 minutes to join the fight against cyberthreats. Connect with an MSP Overwatch™ field agent to find out if your team is ready to join our growing ranks of Hackpocolypse Heroes.

they're looking for the mark_

bad actors are out of control_

your clients don't want promises_

they want proof_

tisc-2020 certification is the mark of a truly secure MSP or vendor_


cyber cert for msp


cybersecurity is serious...

..but do we really need more boring, fear-mongering discussions about information security?

MSP Overwatch™ helps the channel control the narrative through positive, high-impact messaging that’s more engaging than the typical email or blog post.